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  As a major industrial city in Jiangxi province, Pingxiang is one of the earliest cities industrialized in modern China. In late Qing Dynasty, the Westernization Movement rose and the national industry boomed.

  In 1890, the governor of Hubei & Hunan province Zhang Zhidong established Hanyang Iron Works. In order to solve the fuel need, in September 1896, Sheng Xuanhuai, the Minister of Postal Office, dispatched a Germany engineer named Laylun to Pingxiang to exploit coal reserves. In March 1898, Sheng Xuanhuai formally set up Anyuan Coal Mine. By introducing foreign investment, buying western equipment, employing Germany technicians, he exploited the coal mine on a large scale.

  In 1905, Zhu-Ping railway, one of the earliest railways in China, was completed. Combined with Anyuan Coal Mine, they were called Anyuan Railways and Mines. Two years later, Pingxiang Coal Mine, being one of the largest coal mines adopting western equipment, was finished and put into production.

  In 1908, Pingxiang Coal Mine, Hanyang Iron Works and Daye Iron Mine merged into a shareholding limited company called Hanyeping Company for short. Hanyeping Company was the first trans-regional & cross-industrial group in modern China. Therefore, Pingxiang was one of the origins of modern industry in south China.

  Since the reform and opening-up, the industrial economy of Pingxiang has been developing rapidly. The industrial system constituted by coal mines, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and ceramics has been formed. Steel products, electro-ceramics, industrial ceramics, fireworks and firecrackers, etc. sold well at home and abroad. In 2009, the primary business income of industry enterprises above designated size was 73.23 billion, the industrial added value was 17.76 billion, the total profit and tax was 11.52 billion, the sales-output ratio of industrial products was 100.42% and the aggregate index of industrial economic deficiency was 330.95%.

  So far, the coal output of Pingxiang accounts for 40% of Jiangxi province, the steel products account for over 30%, sales-output ratio of chemical packing accounts for 70% nationwide, the low voltage electric porcelain has a domestic market share of 60% and an export share of 85% in Jiangxi province. "PC" is a renowned electro-ceramics trademark nationwide. The industry of building materials develops rapidly and Pingxiang has become a vital production base in Jiangxi province. The yearly production capacity of cement is over five million tons. Pingxiang Steel Co., Ltd. is listed in the national top 500 enterprises and top 50 private enterprises. The yearly output of Fufa Glass Company in 2001 reached 5.55 million wt. cases, ranked 8th nationwide. The “Anyuan” buses are well sold throughout the country. Anyuan Co., Ltd. was listed on the stock market on July 2nd, 2002 and became the first listed company of Pingxiang. Private enterprises have developed rapidly and energetically. Water proof materials and refined tea oil of Jiangxi Wuguan Group are best-sellers nationwide. Food industry centering on agricultural products processing has developed rapidly as well. Eucommia ulmoides tea, wine and meat are becoming increasingly popular in the market. Light industry products have gained various prizes of high quality well-known goods for over 300 times, in which 15 are national prizes, over 100 are new products prizes. The brand name “Flying Disk” (electric fan) is the recognized trademark in Jiangxi. The brand name “Queen” (towel) of the towel factory is exempted from inspection for export. The brand name“Qikuan” (rain protection clothing) of Huahai Waterproof Garment Factory gained the Gold Prize of 1998 patented products and 1994 technology expo. Five kinds of fireworks such as "Chinese and Western Friendship Waterfall" and "Integrated Display Shell" exported by Shangli County got the second team prize at the 24th International Fireworks Grand Prix held in Spain.

  In recent years, Pingxiang is energetically implementing the key strategy of "Urban Transition and Industrialization", constantly propelling new-type industrialization and running industrial economy big and strong. The adjustment of industrial structure has been accelerated by transforming the traditional industries through technology. The construction of industrial zones and parks has been speeded up so as to build a platform for industrial growth. The reform of state-owned industrial enterprises has been deepened so as to activate the market subjects. With the spring breeze of a new era, the industrial economy of Pingxiang is bound to realize the great-leap-forward development, making a positive contribution to developing Pingxiang as a livable, prosperous & harmonious, new-type industrial city which is a transition example as well.