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Government Departments 



Administration Office of Municipal Government

Municipal Development and Reform Commission

Municipal Committee of Industry and Information Technology

Municipal Commission of Population and Family Planning  


Municipal Commission of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration

Municipal Bureau of Education

Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology

Municipal Bureau of Public Security   


City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau

Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs

Municipal Bureau of Justice

Municipal Finance Bureau 


Municipal Bureau of Human resources and Social Security

Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources

Municipal Bureau of Construction

Municipal Bureau of Transportation 


Municipal Bureau of Water Affairs

Municipal Bureau of Agriculture

Municipal Bureau of Forestry

Municipal Bureau of Commerce 


Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication

Municipal Bureau of Health

Municipal Bureau of Audit

Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection 


Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office

Municipal Bureau of Statistics

Municipal Bureau of Grain

Municipal Supervisory Bureau of Work Safety 


Municipal Bureau of Coal Industry

Municipal Bureau of Urban Planning

Municipal Bureau of Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement

Municipal Supervisory Bureau of Food and Drugs



Institutions directly under the Municipal Government 



Municipal Realty Administrative Bureau

Municipal Bureau of Sports

Center of Broadcast Movie and TV Development

Municipal Tourism Bureau 


Bureau of Government Supply

Municipal Bureau of Archives

Municipal Advisory Committee for Policy Decision

Municipal Reception Office 


Bureau of Highway Administration

Housing Fund Management Center

Pingxiang College

Special Technical Secondary] School


Administrative Organ of Government Department 



Poverty Alleviation and Immigration Office


Government Office of the State Commission for National Defense Mobilization



Civil Air Defense Office


Government Agencies 



Administrative Committee of Pingxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone

Municipal Bureau of Public Affairs Management

Liaison Office in Nanchang

Liaison Office in Beijing

Liaison Office in Guangzhou

Liaison Office in Shanghai

Wu Gong Shan Scenic Spot

Administrative Committee of Anyuan National Forest Park

Administrative Committee of Xincheng District


Organization for Economic Cooperation 



Municipal Material Group Co.,Ltd.

Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperatives


Central and Provincial Liaison Units in Pingxiang 



Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision

Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce

Municipal Bureau of State Taxation

Municipal Bureau of Local Taxation 


Municipal Meteorological Administration

Southwest Sub-Bureau of Jiangxi Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau

Municipal Bureau of Salt

Pingxiang Sub-Bureau of Banking Regulatory Commission


Public Institutions 



Management Bureau of Shan Kou Yan Reservoir

Office of Mechanical and Electronic Industry

Office of Light Textile Industry

Office of Building Materials Industry